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Texas, You Got This!


As the New Year rolled around the predictable economic forecasts told everyone, from Houston to Dallas to San Antonio, and all stops in-between, we would be in for a bumpy ride. As a Texas Motivational Keynote Speaker, I know that often, where Texas goes, the nation follows.

As a Texas keynote speaker, audience members often ask questions like: “How will Texas builders overcome supply-chain problems? How will the Ft. Worth cattle industry handle inflation? What happens to Corpus Christi tourism if a recession hits?”

The world beyond

Forecasts from the Texas A&M Real Estate Center clearly saw:

“Overall, global factors will play a significant role in contributing to the economy in 2023, according to the report. That includes Russia’s war in Ukraine which has compromised the grain industry and energy market with long-reaching effects in Europe. Another contributing variable is China’s zero COVID policy, up rise of protests in the country.”

Crops and their supply and demand, energy costs and oil supply, technology and innovation, an unstable world economy and lingering COVID fears far beyond El Paso or Lubbock will affect the Texas economy.

According to the Austin American-Statesman (February 10, 2023):

“If the United States were to fall into a deep recession in 2023…the Texas economy would most likely experience a contraction as well because it isn’t immune to the issues roiling the country overall.”

These possibilities must play into a mental toughness.

The Resilience of Texas

As a Texas Motivational Keynote Speaker, I also know that Texas is not only known for its optimism and purpose, but equally its resilience to change. As economists the world over have promised, the one constant to expect in 2023 is change and I am confident the Texas personality will stand up to any change it encounters this year.

However, standing up to challenges, is not an automatic response. Now, more than ever, Texas industry, Texas agriculture, Texas-sized drive and purpose must come together and once again lead the nation.

Resilience, being flexible to anything that comes in the way of inflation, recession, supply chain issues or other fears, cannot happen without a purpose and determination to overcome whatever may come. The Texas outlook has never been passive; the state has a long history of leadership and courage in the face of adversity. Sometimes, that history is forgotten.

With Texas-sized determination must also come a vision for the future. It means flexibility around supply-chain issues; a give and take to figure out another way; an ability to overcome fear and an optimism that what can be dreamed can be put into action.

Nothing can happen without a positive outlook. It has never served Texas to think small. Resilience demands ideas and positivity. No matter what your workplace looks like, to give-in to fears of failure, to feel defeated or to listen to negativity is not the Texas way. Nor is it my message as a Texas motivational speaker. In 2023, be proud and be resilient. Texas, you got this.


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