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The Power of Resilience in Hard Times


As a motivational speaker on resilience, flexibility and grit, since the start of the pandemic I stressed that the power of resilience would get us through the toughest times and that the organizations most flexible in their outlook would thrive. In fact, the most resilient companies would come out of the pandemic stronger than they were at the beginning.

My own speaking and consulting business followed a similar pattern. We were determined to emerge from the challenges of the pandemic as a stronger and more flexible organization. We were resilient in how we survived and thrived. As an indicator of that optimism, we launched at dynamic, new website


Getting Strong

As America was beginning to see the first glimmers of hope that not all was bleak, Forbes magazine echoed my observation with their article, “Now Is The Time To Make Resilience, Not Efficiency Your Primary Business Objective.” (February 18, 2021):

“A resilient organization is an organization that survives and thrives in the face of adversity…not only can resilient organizations withstand the shocks caused by internal and external crises. They even become stronger because of this.”

Resilience can be taught and just like an athlete improves with practice, stressing muscles and endurance, so does training to be more mentally resilient and adapting to that change,

On June 30, 2021, the medical journal Psychiatry Research reported the results of an important study entitled: “Optimism, mindfulness, and resilience as potential protective factors for the mental health consequences of fear of the coronavirus.”

The results of the study clearly showed that when difficult times confront us, not everyone responds the same, and those who are determined to overcome negativity and anxiety in times of change, come out of it stronger.

Quoting from the study:

“Prior reports have shown that depression, anxiety, and stress have increased throughout the pandemic. Nonetheless, not everyone is affected by these negative consequences and some people may be relatively unaffected…we investigated whether positive personality traits such as optimism, mindfulness, and resilience may protect against the negative mental health consequences.”

The study was based on in-depth research of nearly 550 people, and the psychologists found that change does not have to negatively define us. Those who approach hard times with a sense of confidence, awareness of what they are facing and flexibility no matter what lies ahead, are successful.

Making it Through

If 2020 can be defined as the Year of the Pandemic, as a motivational speaker on adversity and grit, I would dub 2021 as the Year of Resilience. Businesses, much like the traits attached to optimism in the study, also made it through the pandemic as stronger and more resilient organizations.

On October 27, 2021, PNC Bank surveyed hundreds of small businesses and thriving businesses as to their outlook and resilience. Topline results from the survey included:

  • Small business optimism has hit record high and they are gaining in momentum after adapting – rather than fighting against change.
  • 80 percent of resilient business owners required or encouraged their employees to be vaccinated – with 78 percent compliance. Interesting that higher vaccination rate led to more optimism. The point here is that they were flexible to change, and were happier for it.
  • 71 percent of resilient companies anticipated sales to increase, while nearly 60 percent expected increased profits.


Whether your organization is under 10 employees or more than 10,000, the findings from this “Year of Resilience” are clear: the Power of Resilience in hard times has proven itself. Optimism is again driving companies that had the grit to be flexible and succeed.


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