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Scott Burrows, Motivational Education Speaker


The Innovative Mindset of Education


As a motivational education speaker and quadriplegic, I have always admired those who have a positive vision for the future in the midst of extreme change and adversity. The push educators have made in the areas of greater diversity, equity and inclusion; the passion with which you have all pursued greater opportunities for those students who are marginalized and/or disabled, has filled my soul.

I would also like to highlight some of the incredible technological breakthroughs that educators have developed over the past few years in coordination with leaders in the computer industry. The developments in new teaching tools are nothing short of breathtaking. Let me share just a few of these trends with you:

  1. Education is entering a whole new way of teaching through what I will call digitization where teacher and student interaction and online communication is expanded to encourage greater personalized learning; more Q&A and much greater emphasis on students designing their own paths. It is truly exciting.
  2. Watch for virtual reality to become a huge thing – and it’s all thanks to you. Educators across America have seen VR’s potential as a teaching tool. It will provide children with the special space in which to examine, re-imagine and succeed.
  3. Wholistic education will be awesome. Educators have clearly seen that children were not being prepared for coping in an increasingly complex and stress-filled world. Social media and digital devices have robbed many students of skills such as navigation through difficult times or dealing with change. Wholistic approaches will combine core topics with life coping tools.
  4. Artificial intelligence will continue to be a major factor when it comes to education. Educators will see its possibilities against the broader context of human learning and interaction. This will require a determination to strike a strong balance; a task that teachers are well equipped to handle.
  5. Why STEAM, not STEM? Most everyone has heard of STEM, but STEAM will include the arts as well. Educators realize that children need a sense of individualized creativity and expression. The educational system has now come to embrace a higher level of entrepreneurship which, in and of itself, is highly creative.

All of these points lead me to you. The pandemic, the stress and pressures, the sometimes-mean-spirited things said about education professionals, the challenges of teaching in a sometimes-frightening world, have not stopped you.

To me, you are all remarkable. However, I am troubled in making the following observation. Far too often you have been failing yourselves. On the road to making so many incredible in-roads, discoveries and contributions to the world, you have not seen or appreciated what you have done.

As a motivational convocation speaker and stepson of an educator, I urge you to never forget your accomplishments. I am so proud of you. All of these successes are a reflection of the years of dedication and support educators have provided to their students.


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