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Resilience in Florida!


My work as a motivational resilience speaker takes me from the sunny convention centers of Florida to the manufacturing facilities of the “Rust Belt.” No matter the industry, 2022 has been a year filled with change and the workplace challenges that demand resilience. Resilience is an essential skill and yet it seems harder to acquire than ever.

The psychology website Better Help detailed many aspects of change and the need to develop resilience. One of the phenomenon’s they noted was that often people believe they are immune to change and that the need to develop resilience skills don’t apply to them. When the “world crashes down” and resilience becomes essential, these folks have a difficult time in coping.

“Change is inevitable,” stated the article. “What exactly that change will be might surprise you. When a major change, tragedy, or trauma happens, you’re not prepared for it. You may have a much harder time surviving it and thriving afterward.”

Even if resilience isn’t required, developing the skill has been likened to as an insurance policy against the possibility of change.

Before my accident

Before I had been involved in an automobile accident, I was a competitive martial artist and before that, a Division-1 football player. Immediately after the accident, I was rendered helpless for the first time in my life. I was a quadriplegic and at the mercy of healthcare providers and friends for my every need. I battled back, and in battling back, developed my philosophy of Vision-Mindset-Grit. I improved my physical condition by using the power of my mind to help me overcome the initial diagnosis.

However, I was luckier than most. My training demanded that I needed to be resilient. I needed to understand vulnerability, mindfulness, dealing with life in the moment, adapting to change, strategizing in the minute and having no choice but to develop the ability to improvise.

As a Florida motivational resilience speaker, it breaks my heart to see executives, healthcare workers, marketing and sales people, give-up because they were overwhelmed with change. The interesting phrase that many of these people share with me is, “I didn’t think it would happen to me. I thought I was secure in my position or vocation.”

You got this – if you want

The changes that are sweeping organizations have taken many people by surprise. Perhaps it was because so many people had also become complacent. If 2020 was lockdown into darkness and 2021 was climbing out into the sunlight, what was 2022? It turns out that this past year, filled with anxiety, change, in-person to virtual to hybrid, layoffs, inflation and supply change, was one of confusion.

In those changes, many people all but gave up. They lacked to ability to see beyond the change because they imagined sweeping change itself.

As a Florida keynote resilience speaker, I am here to say that you are far from helpless and that you can get up from the changes that have burdened you. You have learned a valuable lesson about change: anyone can be overcome. The key difference is that you can also be determined to not give in and not to settle for defeat.

What will 2023 bring? I don’t know. However, I do know that  you are bigger than any change in front of you if you refuse to accept defeat as truth and if you are determined to be resilient.


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