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Keep Smiling – It Really Helps

One of the most affectionate of human expressions, smiling, is a symbol of joy, happiness, pleasure, amusement and all things good in life.

Here are some of the most amazing benefits of this most precious of human gestures:

It Reduces Stress and Anxiety Levels

In a study, it was found that participants who smiled in a stressful situation had lower heart rates than participants who did not. In fact, the findings of the study suggested that simply maintaining positive expressions helped quite a bit while carrying out the stressful task.

It Helps Release Endorphins

Smiling can help release endorphins, chemicals that are released when you are happy.

They are also released after running or working out. This means you can simply smile to have the same ‘high’ without exercising.


It Will Make You Look More Trustworthy

According to a study, people who smiled more were rated higher on extraversion and generosity. Another study points out that a smile increased people’s willingness to trust another person by 10%.

It Can Save You from Being Embarrassed

Whether you have said something awkward or have accidentally slipped, embarrassment is our go-to emotion in these kinds of tough social situations.

The “embarrassed smile” that we exhibit after doing something silly serves a function. It is designed to bring about a kind of fellow-feeling from the other person so that the awkward action gets less of the limelight.

It Can Make You More Comfortable

A study shows that smiling can make us feel more confident in unfamiliar situations. It throws that awkwardness away and brings about a pleasant vibe.

Isn’t it interesting that ALL these perks come at the mere cost of simply adjusting 17 facial muscles?

It’s true; there’s magic in smiles!

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