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I was in the audience today at the AOCA conference in Nashville, and I meant to come by and say ‘hello’ but unfortunately did not get the chance. I very much enjoyed – and learned from – what you had to say today. Thank you.

In particular, I couldn’t help but notice how much you talked about your father and, in particular, how emotional it made you when you did. Keep doing that; all this macho man crap has to go away and we have to recognize the good Dads in the world. From what you described I can tell that you picked a good Dad, and I can also infer that you don’t take his continued presence for granted.

My Dad was incredibly inspirational to me too, although I have to admit that I haven’t had anywhere near the level of adversity in my life that you have had. Just the same, his support and guidance continue to help me on a daily basis, even though he passed away 10 years ago. If I can impart even a sliver of what he did for me on my four (4) kids (well, they aren’t kids anymore as they are all in their 20s) then I will say that I have done something very right.

Like you, I love to snow ski, and my favorite place is at Heavenly at South Lake Tahoe. While not as high as what you described in Colorado (the summit is around 10K feet) the views and the terrain are just spectacular. I’m always looking for skiing buddies, so if you are ever interested in skiing in that part of the world please look me up. My only request is that you wear a helmet (too many yahoos on the slopes these days; I noticed you weren’t wearing a helmet in the video you showed us today). Thanks again, (Charlie) Charles E. Ayers President & Chief Executive Officer | CCARHi

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